28 August 2018

Executive Committee Decisions


The Executive Committee tabled a report outlining a study tour to be taken by officials from the eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA) as well as minibus taxi operators and bus operators to South America at a meeting held today, 28 August.

The tabled report states that the Head of ETA will lead a delegation of City officials, councillors, bus operators and minibus taxi operators on a study tour to South America with the objective of exposing the industry to Bus Rapid Transit Systems that are fully operational in a number of cities.

This will allow the delegation to observe first-hand and gain insights into the services through interactions with the bus operating companies and fare collection operations. The report states that the delegation will have on site visits to experience the service for themselves.

The report notes that improving public transport is a high strategic priority for National, Provincial and Municipal government as public transport is integral to the management of the built environment. The report goes on to state that the current operators of public transport in the City would, through a process of negotiations and conclusion of a contract, be the providers of transformed public transport services. These operators consisting of the minibus taxi industry and private bus operators would need extensive knowledge and understanding of the Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN)/ Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) contracted operations.

The report states that for an effective transition to the fully integrated services offered by the Go!Durban project, it would be prudent and highly responsible of the City to expose the industry to fully functional integrated systems operating elsewhere in the world. 

This would, the report states, assist in achieving the City’s transport vision of providing a sustainable transport system that moves all its people and goods effectively and safely which is critical to the City’s social and economic development.

The report states that while BRT systems have been implemented in many countries around the world, in South America, the circumstances are very similar to South Africa where the public transport operators operated in a similar manner to the taxi and small bus operators in South Africa. They were informal with an over-supply of vehicles which led to destructive competition and violence. Their approach was to incentivise the sector through the transition into formal contracted services on a conditional basis.

The report states that the estimated budget is R2 million which will be fully funded from the Public Transport Network Grant funding allocated for the project for the proposed delegates. The budget includes flights, accommodation and land transport. On their return, the delegation will prepare a report and present key learnings from the visit for officials involved in the Go!Durban programme. The exact dates are still to be finalised. 


The Executive Committee tabled a report for the implementation of programmes under the Mayoral Parlour Unit for the next three financial years at a meeting held today, 28 August.

The rollout of the programmes will ensure that eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede fulfils all her responsibilities which extends beyond officiating Council meetings and other Municipal proceedings. This includes providing leadership, promoting positive relationships and modelling good governance.

The programmes will target youth, through the Youth Development Office, to empower them to become active participants in activities to fulfil their potential and achieve their hopes and dreams. There will also be a concerted effort regarding war rooms for communities to be engaged through and build happy and healthy communities. War rooms are integrated delivery structures comprising of representatives from government departments, community-based organisations, private business and other stakeholders at a ward level to deal with immediate problems. The needs of vulnerable households are identified by community mobilisers.

The outlined programmes will also assist vulnerable groups including women and children as well as military veterans. The implementation will also see the continuation of mayoral imbizos as an ongoing mayoral outreach programme aimed at bringing government closer to the people. The Mayoral Letgotla, held annually, with the leadership of the City aims to discuss a range of topical issues which pertain to service delivery in the Municipality.

The tabled report states that the Mayoral Parlour Programmes will be implemented in all 110 wards through the year for the next three consecutive years. The estimated cost is R36.9 million in the 2018/19 financial year, R30.1 million in the 2019/20 financial year and R30.7 million in the 2020/21 financial year.

This includes civic functions, mayoral imbizo’s and a mayoral lekgotla, social ills campaigns, back to school campaigns, a Scarce Skills Summit, a Youth in Business Summit, a youth conference in partnership with the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, a Youth Career Expo and Employment Opportunities Fair and Young People in Art. The Unit will also spearhead girl child programmes, women empowerment programmes and albinism awareness programmes. There will also be visits to women in prison, outreach for abadala as well as war rooms and cabinet day. The programme also covers the verification and repatriation of all military veterans and a workshop to promote the heritage and legacy of military veterans. 


Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Acting Head of Communications Mandla Nsele.

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