22 January 2019
Executive Committee Decisions
EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede clarified reports that the City would be recording an album with former President Jacob Zuma. She was speaking at an Executive Committee meeting held today, 22 January at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.
Said Mayor Gumede: “I have read in the media, including on social media, that the Municipality will be recording an album with former President Zuma. Unfortunately, we learnt about this through the news like everyone else. No one has informed us about this project.”
She said under normal circumstances, politicians make political announcements and as the African National Congress (ANC) deployed Mayor she would have briefed the ANC Caucus first before making such an announcement.
“Protocol was not followed. We are prepared to speak about the item once we get a full briefing. As things stand, there is no such recording happening. Only I or the City Manager (Sipho Nzuza) will speak to the public with authority on this matter,” Mayor Gumede concluded, adding that she would not allow President Zuma’s name to be dragged through the mud with false allegations.
A formal announcement regarding the two statues earmarked for the City of the late former President Nelson Mandela as well as struggle stalwart Oliver Tambo will be made soon said eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede. She was speaking during the Mayor’s Report at an Executive Committee meeting held today, 22 January.
Mayor Gumede confirmed that a City Council resolution was taken in 2017 to erect giant statues of OR Tambo and Nelson Mandela in front of the Durban City Hall.
She said currently there are a number of colonial statues situated outside City Hall adding that the process of erecting these two statues will change the face of the City.
“We will soon be making a formal and public announcement once we have concluded our internal processes. We will engage with the Office of the Premier, National Government and involved families before providing detailed feedback. It is important that protocol be observed and followed when it comes to certain political decisions. We are accountable to the public as public representatives and also to our caucuses as politically deployed cadres,” she said.
“There is a level of discipline that is expected from every cadre of the movement and it must be observed at all times,” Mayor Gumede concluded.
The City’s 2018/19 festive season was a success with an increase in the number of visitors flocking to the City which in turn had a direct impact on the economy.
Over one million tourists visited the City during the festive season, a growth of 138 486 visitors compared to 2017. This resulted in over 9 100 jobs being created, an increase of 1 100 jobs created compared to the same period the previous year.
Providing a detailed presentation on the festive season performance to the Executive Committee at a meeting held today, 22 January was Sbu Zondi, a Senior Manager at Durban Tourism. He outlined the success of the Summer Love campaign in attracting tourists to the City.
Zondi said visitors to the City increased by 16 percent in 2018/19 with R2.7 billion in direct spend, which resulted in a R4.5 billion Gross Domestic Product contribution.
He said 47 percent of domestic overnight visitors were from Gauteng, with 18 percent from the Western Cape and 9 percent from the Eastern Cape. Swaziland was the highest foreign source market followed by other SADC countries, Zondi added.
Regarding tourism performance, there was an 81 percent room occupancy in 2018, a growth of six percent compared to 2017. There was also a growth of 797 722 overnight visitors to the City in 2018, an increase of over 90 000 compared to the previous year. The direct spend of overnight visitors on the City in 2018 was R2.5 billion, an increase of R400 million compared to R2.1 billion spent in 2017.
The direct spend of day visitors was R2.7 billion in 2018, an increase of R500 million compared to the previous year.
Zondi said efforts to market the City and the Summer Love campaign early in 2018 was paying dividends.
“We sell a basket of goods, not just one element when we market the City both locally and internationally. We started from as early as February promoting the summer campaign on television, radio and in print to get people to make the decision early to come to Durban on holiday. We started marketing the festive season campaign in July selling the promenade lifestyle experience which is the beach, hotels and restaurants. In September we were highlighting all the attractions in the City and come October last year we went full blown with the festive season campaign.”
He said the Summer Love campaign aimed to boost domestic travel and encourage visitors to Durban while the Discover More Summer campaign’s objective is to boost travel post festive season and encourage travel at low peak season.
The events hosted in the City were also outlined as they served as the “hook” to get visitors’ interested in the City. Some of these included the Telkom Semi-Final Knockout, the Fill Up Moses Mabhida Stadium and the ANC January 8 Statement which had over 100 000 spectators and approximately 30 000 visitors.
Zondi said there were 379 349 visitors to the City attending events of which 153 524 were overnight and 225 825 were local residents. The hosting of the various events also resulted in 5 213 jobs created.
EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said she is excited about the festive season performance.
“We as City leadership are happy with the enforcement, police visibility and traffic control. There were less incidents and we congratulate the team from Metro Police, the South African Police Service, private security, the Fire Department, eThekwini Transport Authority, the Parks Department, Durban Solid Waste, the Communications Unit, Durban Tourism and all other departments for a job well done.”
Mayor Gumede said the Summer Love campaign was indeed a success.
“We have increased the number of visitors compared to last year, not just domestic tourists but also international visitors. We also had a series of wonderful and well publicised events from November into January including the ANC’s January 8 Statement at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. More than R2 billion was injected to the local economy with hotels fully booked, townships buzzing and restaurants packed. Furthermore, job opportunities were also created,” she said.
Deputy City Manager of Economic Development and Planning Phillip Sithole said the results being seen was due to starting tourism campaigns early, which would be continued this year.
City Manager Sipho Nzuza welcomed the presentation commending officials for sterling work done.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Acting Head of Communications Mandla Nsele.
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