13 NOVEMBER 2015


Water Levels Continue To Drop

The City notes with concern the reduction of average water level of dams which supply eThekwini residents with water. Hazelmere Dam level is currently at 25.81 percent. 

While there has been rainfall over the past few days, it has been minimal and its impact can only be detected in the next few days.

Water rationing has been implemented at households being supplied by the Hazelmere Dam. 

The Umgeni River system which supplies the greater part of Durban is also severely strained.

We appeal to our consumers to reduce water consumption by 50 percent with immediate effect. Your support in water saving initiatives will assist to conserve water reserves.

Please continue to use water sparingly by utilising the following tips:

• Fix leaking taps or report them immediately. A dripping tap (one drop per second) wastes up to 30 litres of water an hour. 

• If you have a bath don’t fill up the bath tub alternatively take a five minute shower. 

• Close the tap when brushing your teeth or use water from a cup instead. 

• Close the tap when shaving. 

• Do not rinse glasses and cutlery under running water. Fill a basin and rinse the dishes in it.

• Avoid washing vegetables under running water. Use a bowl to do this; you can re-use the water to water the garden. 

• Hosepipe usage is prohibited during this period. Wash your car using two buckets of water. This can save up to 300 litres each time you wash your car. 

• Wash your car on the grass as this will water your lawn at the same time. 

• Teach children not to waste water.

• Avoid watering on windy days as the water easily evaporates. 

• Re-use water from your kitchen and bathroom in the garden. 

EThekwini residents are urged to report illegal water connections and water leaks by calling 080 1313013.

Residents can also sms 083 707 3013 or email


Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

For more information members of the media can contact Gugu Mbonambi on 031 311 4855 or

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