13 April 2015
For immediate release
The Municipality has been advised by Eskom to implement Stage 2 load shedding as of 16h00 today, 13 April.

Customers are urged to reduce their consumption in order to reduce the severity of load shedding.

Members of the public are notified that the Municipality has released a new load shedding schedule which was implemented from 07 April 2015. The Municipality is urging residents to make themselves familiar with the new schedule so they can be prepared in the event of load shedding.

It seeks to address some of the issues raised by customers and attempts to minimise interruptions and introduce more fairness in the allocation of blocks.

In some instances, technical difficulties in restoring electricity may occur and should a customer remain without electricity for a substantial amount of time after the Block has been scheduled to be restored, then that incident must be treated as a fault and reported to the Electricity Contact Centre on 080 13 13 111.

The new load shedding schedule is available on the Municipal website:

Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa.

For more information contact Gugu Mbonambi on 031 311 4855 or email: gugu.mbonambi@durban.gov.za