31 July 2018
For Immediate Release
Risk of Stage 1 Load Shedding Remains High Today, 31 July 2018
Eskom has warned electricity consumers of the risk of rotational load-shedding this evening, 31 July 2018 due to a possible industrial action.
According to Eskom, the electricity system remains constrained with a high probability of Stage 1 rotational load-shedding this evening from 5 pm to 9 pm as a result of the industrial action which continues to impact operations at Eskom’s sites.
The City is urging customers to reduce their consumption to ease the demand for power, advising residents and businesses to switch off geysers and non-essential appliances during peak hours (5 am -10 am and 5 pm - 10 pm).
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Deputy Head of Communications, Mandla Nsele.
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