27 July 2017
Revenue Billing Matters – What Customers Should Know
The eThekwini Municipality has advised customers to check their bills on a monthly basis and contact the City if they require clarity on any issues pertaining to their accounts.
Peet du Plessis, Head of Revenue Management said that the City processes a large number of bills per month and if customers receive an unusually high bill, they should come forward. “We deal with an excess of a million bills per month. The few that have deemed to be inaccurate could be as a result of meter reading challenges and in some instances, human error during the process of capturing readings.”
A number of factors determine the final amount charged according to the utility bill. These include property value, water and electricity meter readings and the various tariffs charged. If the water consumption amount is exorbitant, customers can check if there is a possible water leak.
The City has also amended the rates rebate criteria for pensioners. Previously, the rates rebate was provided to pensioners whose property value did not exceed R3 million. It has now been revised and is capped at R2 million. The revised rebate is applicable as of 01 July 2017.
There was an omission of certain rebates in the month of July 2017 as result of the delays in processing and this will be corrected in the month of August 2017 by allowing two rebates on the accounts where it occurred.
First time rebate applicants can download a rates rebate form online on Pensioners that already receive a rebate need to submit a renewal form by 30 April each year. Additionally, customers that are in arrears may approach the Municipality and a payment agreement will be established.
Customers are also to take note that due to the changes in property value due to the recent valuation phase, their bills may be affected by the fluctuation in property value.
He further explained what to do if a customer believes that their bill is incorrect. “Customers must check the reading on the actual meter against the reading on the bill or check the estimated charges and consumption according to the previous bill. There is also a possibility of a water leak if the water consumption is high and customers can conduct tests on their meters.”
Customers can email or call 031 3245000
Electricity meter readings can be sent to, call 080 1313 111 or SMS 083 7000 819.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa.
For more information members of the media can contact Princess Nkabane on 031 311 4818 or
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