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21 September 2016
Responce to False Malicious Statements by the Democratic Alliance in KWAZULU-NATAL About the EThekwini Mayor
Today's launch of the eThekwini Municipality Water Whatsapp line and the presentation of the Council's 30 days in office report back has clearly got Zwakele Mncwango into a spin.
Why is Zwakele Mncwango so upset?
He is sending out very strange press statements. Half of the information contained in his statements simply does not exist!
Zwakele Mncwango exhibits symptoms of uncontrollable frustration. It is clear that when the new Council took office, Mncwango waited for it to fail so that he could celebrate.
Clearly, his frustration is fuelled by his own realisation that all what he anticipated will go wrong, has, as a matter of fact, NOT gone wrong. This is at the core of Zwakele's serious frustration.
Well, the leadership of eThekwini will not waste time focusing on Zwakele. Instead, they will continue to demonstrate their commitment to the people of eThekwini. They did exactly this at the launch of the Whatsapp water reporting line today.
Further to this, Zwakele appears to be bitterly frustrated by the Mayor's 30 day report which listed specific details of work done by various City departments in the past 30 days.
The Mayor's 30 day report, which was broadcast live on a social media platform, and comments from citizens applauding the Mayor for her leadership did not sit well with Zwakele.
Well, while Zwakele is busy writing press statements making wild accusations to eThekwini Municipality about things which do not exist, the Mayor of eThekwini and her Council will be hard at work criss- crossing this City, delivering services and changing people's lives.
The people of eThekwini must not take any of what Zwakele says because it is all a figment of his imagination. Let the people of eThekwini deal with facts. And here are the facts:
- The Mayor has not purchased and is not planning to purchase a new vehicle for herself. She is using the existing Mayoral fleet.
- The Mayor is not renovating her office.
- The Mayor has neither hired more bodyguards, nor is she using Metro Police officials as bodyguards.
- The Mayor has not ditched the Finance and Procurement Committee. She has in fact bolstered it by incorporating it into the Executive Committee.
Let us work together to build a caring and liveable City.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality.
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