19 October 2017
Recommendations From the Community Services Committee Meeting
The Community Services Committee today, 19 October 2017, held its monthly meeting where various programmes and projects being spearheaded by Units within the committee were discussed.
Projects and programmes approved by the committee will now be tabled at the Executive Committee (EXCO), then Full Council for final endorsement.
Community Based Planning Programme
The programme seeks to involve members of the community at ward level in the preparation, implementation and review of the City’s Integrated Development Plan and the preparation of its budget.
Through this process, Municipal officials and Councillors will hold community meetings in each ward where ward development plans will be assessed to check progress on identified projects. Wards affected by the recent demarcations will also be identified and assessed. The need for a review of projects or full roll-out will then be determined.
The committee recommended that the process begins in 2018.
Exchange of birds between Umngeni River Bird Park and Bester Birds in Pretoria
The committee gave permission for the exchange of birds, of equal value, between the Councils’ Umngeni River Bird Park and Bester Birds in Pretoria.
The reason for the exchange is to allow for both parks to have and display a variety of bird species.
Transfer of barn owls from Umngeni River Bird Park to conservation organisations
The Municipality has received numerous requests from various conservation organisations for the donation of barn owls. Officials are confident that with the breeding of the barn owls at the bird park, donating excess owls will not interfere with the City’s breed.
The committee authorised the donations to other conservation organisations, provided the Council is acknowledged for the good gesture.
Change of project site from the KE Masinga Road and OR Tambo Parade intersection to the Promenade
The Durban Art Gallery is currently running a programme called the eThekwini Art Prize Competition, initiated in 2011.
Through the competition, local visual artists are selected and given the opportunity to create a life-sized outdoor art piece to be displayed at a strategic site in the City. For this year, the site originally identified and approved by Council for the art piece was the intersection of KE Masinga Road and OR Tambo Parade.
After further inspection, officials have established that the site will not be suitable for the installation of the art piece because of a multi-purpose pole that cannot be moved from the site.
The committee has subsequently authorised that the art piece be installed on the promenade where beachgoers will be able to view and appreciate it.
Closure of pools
The committee noted that out of 52 Municipal pools, five are currently unoperational. These include;
Rachel Finlayson which is currently under rehabilitation. It is anticipated that the project will be completed in February 2018.
Umlazi BB Pool requires some repair services to be done. These include the servicing of valves and other fittings, faulty pipeline to be replaced and resealing of the return jet outlets to the pool walls to be done. Similar repair work is required at Firwood pool. Funding has been allocated for the project.
Newlands Pool requires the refurbishment of pipework and tiling.
Repair work of the ceiling at Kingspark Indoor swimming pool is underway after roof sheets and fittings were damaged during strong gale winds in September 2017.
Establishment of new cemeteries at Inanda Farm and 12747 Broadvale Farm.
After the necessary assessments, officials have identified land suitable for cemetery space at Inanda Farm and 12747 Broadvale Farm.
The Committee authorised the Heads of Parks, Recreation and Culture and Real Estate respectively to enter into negotiations to acquire the land on the mentioned sites for the establishment of new cemeteries.
Out of 65 Municipal cemeteries, only 14 cemeteries are still operational. These are also filling up rapidly.
Development of a new crematoria in Phoenix
The Municipality is seeking proposals from private entities within the cemeteries and crematorium sector to construct and manage a new crematoria in Phoenix.
Some of the conditions attached to the partnership include the agreement to a 30 year lease with the Municipality, full maintenance of equipment and buildings by the bidder, a rental of R34, 400 per month subject to a 5% increase of per annum and the crematoria to be handed back to the Municipality after 30 years.
Issued by Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa
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