For immediate release
26 July 2017
RE: Acting Mayor’s PA Is Well – No Water Alarm!
DURBAN City Hall: The Office of the Mayor would like to set the record straight regarding the incident that involves the admission of the Acting Mayor’s Personal Assistance to hospital yesterday afternoon.
It is not true that she drank water and collapsed as widely reported in the media. The PA to the Acting Mayor, Ms Hazel Moonsamy (not Pillay), was admitted after collapsing in her office due to short illness after complaining about a headache.
She has been granted sick leave and will return to work when she has fully recovered. Provisional plans have been made to ensure that the office continues to function effectively in her absentia. Moonsamy has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.
We would like to reassure eThekwini residents and visitors that our City provides clean and drinkable water. There seems to be certain elements that want to create and sustain a dangerous narrative regarding our water since April this year. This has been rejected several times and we will continue to reject such a narrative.
We reiterate our call for responsible citizenship and call on individuals to refrain from sending communities in panic mode solely to score cheap political points at the expense and welfare of our residents and visitors.
Issued by Office of the Mayor – Durban City Hall, 263 Dr Pixley kaSeme Street
Contact: Mthunzi Gumede 0739896324/ Ndabezinhle Sibiya 0823754742