20 April 2018
Pensioners Rates Rebate
The Municipality has revised their rates rebate forms for pensioner rebate applicants in order to have a more clear understanding of what is the ratio of senior citizen property owners that have an asset rich and cash poor situation. The cap for rates rebates to senior citizens was reduced in the 2017/2018 financial year from R3 million to R2 million. This has resulted in a request from Senior Citizens to address the matter. Property valuations are undertaken once every four years, the most recent being February 2017.
The above review and change was implemented under the guidance of National Treasury due to eThekwini having had the highest indigent package in the country. The amendment was effective after consultation with stakeholders through the budget process and has also helped to target the correct households.
“The intention of a more detailed application allows the City to gage the most effective way to institute the application of a rebate that would be most meaningful and beneficial,” said, the Head of Revenue, Peet Du Plessis. “Additionally, it is also part of the City’s austerity measures.” he added.
Property owners over 60 years are eligible for a rates rebate. If owned by a couple, one individual must be older 60 years and if owned by two separate individuals both must be 60 years and older and should meet the following criteria:
• The owner must reside PERMANENTLY on the property.
• The owner must be able to produce a SA barcoded ID or Smart ID.
• The rebate is granted on ONLY ONE property.
Should the above criteria be met, a pensioner will receive a full rebate on the first R460 000 of their property value, bearing in mind that the property value must not exceed R2million. If the property value is less than R460 000, they will receive a full rebate.
As per the tabled Draft Budget for 2018/19, financial year, pensioners will qualify for a pensioner rebate if their property is valued at less R2 million. However, for pensioners living on properties valued over R2 million and up to R4 million will qualify for the rebate but only if their total household income is less than R7 000 per month. Accordingly, pensioners who wish to qualify for the rebate and live in properties valued in the R2M and R4M band will have to provide the Municipality with proof of income, as well as the signed declaration form.
First time applicants can download a rates rebate form online on Pensioners that already receive a rebate need to submit a renewal form by 30 April each year. If property owners are in arrears, they may approach the Municipality and a payment plan will be drawn up.
For more information please contact the Municipality on 0800 311 11 11
Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications, Tozi Mthethwa.
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