Media Release

New Germany – Berkshire Drive Deviation

The construction of GO!Durban (the City’s new Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network) through New Germany has progressed to a point where the newly constructed road needs to tie in to the existing roads. This will necessitate deviations at certain roads and intersections.

Berkshire Drive, in New Germany will not be accessible via Qashana Khuzwayo Road from 30 March 2016 until 30 April 2016.

Alternative access between Berkshire Drive and Qashana Khuzwayo Road can be made as follows:

- Heading East and West on Qashana Khuzwayo Rd towards Berkshire Rd will be via Regent St and Sander Road.

- Access to Qashana Khuzwayo Road from Berkshire Drive will be via Sander Road to Coventry Ave or Regent St. 

For further information on this construction work call 073 293 5144 (Business Hours) or go to the website godurban​.

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