7 December 2017
Metro Police Officers Nab Robber After 1KM Foot Chase
The tireless efforts of two hardworking and fit Metro Police officers who worked cohesively as a team, one on foot and the other following in the Metro Police van to nab a robber, have been praised.
They later learnt that the suspect was wanted by the South African Police Service for a host of other crimes.
Crew members, Constable Manqoba Phewa and Constable Mandla Mthethwa were returning to the Boscombe Joint Operations Centre at 5pm yesterday, 6 December at the end of their shift when they were alerted to a robbery.
They rushed to the scene where a man who was walking in the vicinity of Palmer and Gillespie streets had been accosted and robbed by three men, one who allegedly viciously bit him in the scuffle and left him bleeding.
Constable Phewa said they rushed to the scene but the gang of robbers had run off.
“The victim told us what happened. While searching the area for men matching that description we were stopped by a known car guard in the area who had recovered the stolen cellphone. He also pointed us in the direction the men had run,” he said.
That is when the chase ensued for over one kilometre.
Constable Mthethwa said when they spotted the men, he jumped out of the van and started to chase them with Constable Phewa following in the van. Unfortunately two of the suspects got away, but he was determined to make an arrest.
“I had to run quite fast to keep up with him but I was determined that he would not get away. If I had stopped we would have lost him as he would have run into a shop and removed his jacket and blended in with the crowd.”
After gaining ground on the suspect, Constable Phewa pulled up in front of him with the Metro Police van, cutting him off.
“As we were loading the suspect into the van he showed us where he had thrown the wallet in an effort to bribe us but that didn’t work.
We took him to the Point Police Station and were surprised to see his face on the wall as one of their wanted criminals. He had cases against him in 2015 and 2016,” said Constable Mthethwa:
This is not the first long distance chase Constable Mthethwa has done. Two weeks ago he chased another robber on foot for over two kilometres through the Durban Central Business District and successfully caught him too after he has stolen a woman’s cellphone. He said they worked successfully with the SAPS to apprehend the suspect.
He is humble about the accomplishment saying it was part of the job.
“At the end of the day we are working here to protect the public. Robberies are on the increase as people are seen as soft targets. I am committed to fighting this and letting criminals know that we are on duty,” said Constable Mthethwa.
“I wanted to help the community which is why I joined the Metro Police and I am doing just that,” he added.
Constable Phewa said he joined the force six years to protect and serve.
Captain Isabel Moolman praised their efforts and encouraged other Metro Police officers to follow suit and go above and beyond the call of duty.
“They made a good arrest and I am proud of their hard work,” she said.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications Tozi Mthethwa.
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