02 JUNE 2017
For immediate release
With the annual Comrades Marathon taking place on 4 June, the City’s Cleansing and Solid Waste (CSW) Unit has an extensive clean-up plan which will ensure that waste is collected before, during and after the race.
CSW will conduct clean-ups from the start of the race at Durban City Hall and will complete its operations at the overhead bridge between the N3 and Camperdown.
Head of CSW, Raymond Rampersad said the department is committed towards ensuring service excellence.
“CSW has an extensive route clean-up operational plan that will ensure the correct disposal of general waste and non-recyclables and proper use of recyclable materials. In addition to the clean-up plan, CSW aims to recycle 80 percent of the waste collected during the race, making the Comrades Marathon one of the events with the highest recycling rates,” added Rampersad.
EThekwini residents and visitors are urged to reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials. The City will deploy a team of dedicated education officers from CSW to educate race-goers and spectators about waste minimisation, alternative treatment of waste and recycling.
There is a total of 47 refreshment stations which will be 2 kilometres apart from one another along the route. Each station will receive 100 black refuse bags for general waste, and 70 yellow and green refuse bags for recyclables. Each station will have a designated team that will be responsible for cleaning before, during and after the race, and then conduct a final thorough clean-up once the last runner has completed the race.
To achieve the Municipality’s goals of being a green Municipality, the City is urging for a collaborative effort from the community, the participants of the race and all stakeholders. A difference can be made by practicing the following:
1. Carry your sachets and other items with you until you can throw it away in the next available bin.
2. Do not throw away your litter into the bushes on the side of the road.
3. If you do drop your litter, do so within the demarcated refreshment stations.
4. If it is windy on the day of the race, ensure that you discard your litter into a bin where it will not fly around.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality.
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