1 February 2016

For Immediate Release 

Joint Press Release By Tansnat And EThekwini Municipality - Disruption of Durban Transport Bus Service

Late on Friday afternoon, 29 January 2016, eThekwini Municipality - acting on a resolution of the eThekwini Municipality Council on Thursday, 28 January 2016 - and Durban Transport bus operator, Tansnat Durban CC, signed an agreement that will ensure no further disruptions to the bus service in the future. 

This agreement will be made an Order of Court and will see the court application which the City had initiated to liquidate Tansnat in January 2015 being adjourned pending a determination of whom between the City and Tansnat is indebted to the other, and by how much. 

The agreement also provides for the appointment of an intervention team to be led by a team of independent Auditors to oversee the financial management of Tansnat’s business and the company’s bank account.

The agreement further provides for the appointment of a reputable person or firm to adjudicate the issue of the monetary claims that the City and Tansnat have registered against each other to determine, once and for all, how much each party owes to the other and how these debts are to be settled. 

Following the signing of this agreement, the City began processing January salaries today, 1 February 2016 to Tansnat employees (this process has now been completed). 

This was done to ensure the bus service would be operational and no further inconvenience would be caused commuters.

Normal bus operations are expected to resume as from this afternoon.

Despite this agreement being in place, and the City having announced that it was to going to begin paying Tansnat employees’ salaries as from this morning, the company’s workers still went on strike, this morning, blockading routes into the Central Business District. Affected routes include the Griffiths Mxenge Highway, N2 north bound near Prospecton, M4 south bound, M25 and Duffs Road.

The City and Tansnat have resolved to request law enforcement agencies to take steps to ensure that such irresponsible, inconsiderate and unlawful acts do not recur in the future.

We apologise to commuters for the inconvenience caused. Commuters will be informed about the resumption of the bus service through the media.


Issued by eThekwini Municipality and Tansnat

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