26 July 2017
Executive Committee Decisions
Community Residential Unit Regeneration Imbizo to be Held in City
EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede will be holding a regeneration imbizo with residents of the 10 Community Residential Units – formerly known as hostels- in the City to discuss pertinent issues affecting them.
The details of the Mayoral imbizo, which will be attended by 12 000 people, were laid out in a report tabled at the Executive Committee meeting on 25 July. The tentative date for the imbizo is 31 July, however this is subject to change to ensure that all interested CRU residents are able to attend.
The report stated that the imbizo will be organised in partnership with the faith-based sector and other partners. It stated that the single sex residential complex was the creation of the past South African political administration and over the years a number of challenges have been faced by residents living there.
The report added that leadership from various CRUs approached Mayor Gumede, pointing out that her intervention will be appreciated to assist in resolving challenges faced by residents. These include health-related issues such as unplanned pregnancies, unacceptable levels of anti-social behaviour and social ills such as drug and substance abuse, high levels of poverty and service delivery in CRU’s.
Leadership of the CRU’s feel that this gathering should go beyond the idea of having an event, but instead this should be the beginning of a new process of integration with the faith-based sector the key sector to initiate this process. It is hoped that the theme of moral regeneration that will feature prominently on the day will spill over into the CRU’s. The day will be characterised by prayers, traditional dances and displays by government line departments with messages from political principles. The venue will be the Montclair CRU.
The programme will commence at 9am.
Mayor Gumede said all the CRU’s in the City will converge at this event to discuss pertinent issues. She said the imbizo will also be an opportunity to provide residents with relevant information.
She said the date was subject to change and that affected residents would be informed of this. She also said while 20 buses have been allocated to transport CRU residents, this will be reviewed to ensure everyone is accommodated.
“This is about treating hostel people with dignity. We want to spread the word and get everyone together and talk to them. Information is power. We will review the date following concerns raised to ensure a number of people attend,” Mayor Gumede said.
Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer said it was incumbent on Mayor Gumede to reach out to communities regarding social ills.
“We know that there are problems at CRU’s and this imbizo will bring people together. The Mayor is going to listen to residents’ concerns to show that we are a caring City. I applaud the Mayor for this good idea,” said Peer.
Chairperson of the Human Settlement and Infrastructure Committee Councillor Mondli Mthembu said City leadership has to deal with the issues at CRU’s.
“This is the first interaction as leadership of the City with CRU dwellers. Council approved a social facilitator for interventions to be made at CRU’s previously. There are a number of things we have to do to improve the situation at the CRU’s. This imbizo is a precursor to the things we will be doing at the hostels to ensure that further interventions we make will not be met with hostility,” Councillor Mthembu said.
The staffing issues in the City will be deliberated at a special Executive Committee meeting on Monday, 31 July.
Speaking at an Executive Committee meeting on 25 July, eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said staffing concerns will be addressed at the meeting to ensure transparency in the City.
“This will be discussed so that everyone will know what is happening in the City and prevent gossip. I must warn people about fake news and the dangers of it as it tries to destabilise the City, cause chaos and weaken the government of the day. We have said we are dealing with corruption in the City. After the meeting we will hold a press conference so people know what is happening in our City,” said Mayor Gumede.
She said they are in the business of service delivery.
“I have clearly indicated this to officials. Here in the City we are fighting tooth and nail for clean governance and service delivery. We rely on officials to ensure that the City is working. We have no room for lazy and incompetent officials. We want everyone to be serious about service delivery.”
She said officials had to work towards a clean and corruption-free metro who was number one in terms of service delivery.
“I believe this will happen as long as we work together. That includes all political parties coming together with the common goal of service delivery. Let us work harder and harder for the poor in our communities.”
Mayor Gumede also used the opportunity to praise the good work done by Deputy City Manager for Community and Emergency Services Dr Musa Gumede who will be leaving the City to take up a position in the provincial government.
“Musa is leaving with a clean record and has always treated me with respect. We wish him well as he leaves for greener pastures. I am very proud of him and have heard nothing negative about him,” she added.
EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said she was awaiting a report from the relevant officials regarding the City’s purchase of four armoured vehicles.
She said she wanted to touch on the issue because of the many unfounded stories.
The vehicles were initially purchased to deal with crowd management deployment.
Mayor Gumede said based on the report, action may be taken if it is found that due processes were not followed in the purchasing of the vehicles and that people will be held accountable if necessary.
She said Municipal staff were aware of procedures to be followed and declined to comment on the issue further until the report was finalised and presented at the next Executive Committee meeting.
A report was tabled at the Executive Committee meeting on 25 July for urgent repair work to be undertaken to restore the ceiling of the City Hall main auditorium.
Parts of the City Hall auditorium ceiling had fractured and collapsed in recent weeks rendering the hall unusable.
The report before the Executive Committee said the implication of shutting down the facility includes the loss of significant revenue from cancelled event bookings, loss of exposure in terms of the historic and heritage significance of showcasing the building during key events and the ongoing risk of local collapse and the danger posed to life and property.
A report commissioned by the Architecture Department and undertaken by an independent structural engineer, indicated that the age of the affected ceiling is significantly beyond the expected service life for the structure based on the type of materials and construction techniques employed. It was therefore considered critical that immediate measures be put in place to repair areas of collapse and damage and to strengthen the whole ceiling to guarantee a further service life of at least 10 years. It is anticipated that further measures may become necessary to maintain a continued service life thereafter.
City Hall is listed as a heritage building and all construction related interventions subscribe to the revelatory framework falling within the jurisdiction ambit of Amafa. The standing rule is that no alterations or restoration may be undertaken except where these are specifically assessed and authorised by Amafa.
The nature of the intervention under this application applies to emergency repairs with the intention to restore public safety and as a courtesy Amafa will be informed of the intended repairs.
The following repairs and strengthening measures are necessary to restore safety and serviceability of the affected ceiling structure:
• Thoroughly clean the entire top surface of the ceiling structure to receive strengthening applications,
• Apply a fabric mat pinned to the brandering structure and draped over the entire ceiling structure,
• Apply a suitable light-weight cementitious slurry to form a bonded matrix with the fabric mat suitably embedded within the matrix,
• Erect scaffolding in a safe manner and repair damaged areas of the ceiling.
• Restore any moulded form in the ceiling to original form and specifications and,
• Treat timber for borer infestation as directed by a registered entomologist.
The repairs to be undertaken are estimated to cost R851 220.
EThekwini Municipality will host around 4 000 maidens to promote abstinence and discuss health promotion.
A report from the Community Services Committee was tabled at the Executive Committee meeting on 25 July outlining the annual Maidens Conference.
The Maidens Conference will be held at eGcekeni Primary School, Shongweni Dam in Ward 7 from 28 to 30 July.
The Maiden’s Conference is an annual programme that takes place where maidens are selected for the annual Reed Dance in KwaNongoma eNyokweni Royal Residence.
EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said maidens and amakhosi would be part of the event.
“We are empowering youth from rural areas about the City while equipping them with information for their futures. Information is power.”
Mayor Gumede said such cultural events had been budgeted for.
Deputy City Manager for Community and Emergency Services Dr Musa Gumede said the 4 000 maidens will be taught about abstinence as well as health promotion. He said the event, which would focus on moral regeneration, was about impacting communities at large.
“We hope that these young girls, armed with this information, will go back to their communities and talk about this message so that it can permeate through society and households and spread the message of health in communities,” he said.
Sanitary towels will also be distributed at the event with motivational speakers lined up to empower the young women.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications Tozi Mthethwa.
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