20 June 2016
Executive Committee Decisions
The new Public Transport By-law, which aims to regularise public transport in the City, was approved by the Executive Committee today, 20 June 2016 for final publication in Ezasegagasini Metro and the Provincial Gazette.
It currently awaits Council approval. Once adopted by Council, the By-law will come into effect six months from the date of publication in the Provincial Gazette. The six month implementation period allows the Municipality to facilitate training on the By-law with officials who are mandated to enforce it.
The object of the By-law is to regulate the operation of mini-bus taxis, buses and metered taxis in eThekwini.
This includes preventing public transport vehicles stopping outside of a demarcated area at a public transport facility.
Also, no unroadworthy vehicles may be parked in a public transport facility. Repairs may not be undertaken at these facilities either, while the washing of vehicles is only allowed in demarcated areas at public transport facilities.
Bus drivers are only allowed to pick up passengers at a demarcated bus stop. And when stopping for passengers, they must stop the bus as close as possible to the kerb to enable the person to get in.
The By-law has made provisions for metered taxis which includes the requirements to operate. This includes the meter being fitted inside the taxi to ensure the recorded fare is plainly visible at all times by the passenger.
The behaviour of drivers, conductors and passengers is also covered by the By-law. This includes prohibiting the use of force, intimidation, threat or other means to prevent a person from using a public transport vehicle of their choice or to prevent the driver from taking on passengers.
This covers the behaviour of passengers boarding and disembarking of public transport vehicles, queuing at public transport facilities and prohibiting the carrying of dangerous or offensive articles.
Tuk-tuks and other novelty vehicles are also covered in the By-law.
There are strict penalties in place for those found in contravention of the By-law.
A brief update was made to the Executive Committee by Zandile Gumede, chairwoman of the Health, Safety and Social Services Committee about the proposed upgrades to the Lahee Park Swimming Pool in Pinetown to the tune of R200 million.
Gumede said the upgrade, which would include upgrades to the pool in time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, would be of great benefit to the community and City as a whole.
R2 million was previously donated by Princess Charlene of Monaco to upgrade the pool facility through her foundation.
Thembinkosi Ngcobo, head of Parks, Recreation and Culture said a donor had pledged their support, committing R200 million to the project.
He said the upgrades included the development of the site to accommodate 15 different sporting codes, a spa and rehabilitation centre to attract international athletes, accommodation facilities for teams who wanted to train at the facilities, an indoor complex as well as a track around the length of the facility. Plans also included building 250 steps to reach a vantage point offering a wonderful view of Durban. There are also talks of a library and a sports museum to be built, Ngcobo said.
“This project will support sports development as a whole. It will also regenerate the Pinetown district which was once a vibrant, cultural sporting community. We hope this development will assist the community regain their former glory,” he said.
Ngcobo said reports were still being finalised regarding this development along with 16 other sporting catalytic projects in eThekwini.
Meanwhile the Executive Committee approved a report seeking authority for the City to enter into a three year memorandum of agreement (MOA) with recognised and legally constituted sports bodies and sport federations.
This was to ensure adequate sports and recreation services be provided to eThekwini residents. The MOA’s will act as legally binding documents allowing funding to be transferred to partners and stakeholders and allows the department to source specialised services through nationally and provincially recognised structures and constituted entities.
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