17 March 2017
For immediate Release
Emergency Repair Work Being Done at City Building
Remedial work is being undertaken at 75 Dr Langalibalele Dube Street, a 19 storey building, comprising of office space and two floors of parking.
The Municipal owned-building is undergoing emergency repair work to ensure the building is safe for staff and the public to use.
All issues raised by the Department of Labour have been lodged and progress is being tracked daily, with some issues already having been resolved.
The Department of Architecture is working on an on-going basis with all relevant parties.
As a result the Department of Labour has taken the decision to issue supplementary prohibition notices that will enable them to revoke and uplift prohibition notices per item that has been completed.
The three areas of concern that remain to be resolved are:
1. Lifts – An independent contractor has been appointed to access the functionality of the lifts. The replacement of the lifts will be done in a phased process to ensure minimal disruption to staff.
2. Structural damage on pillars - The original timeframe has been extended due to increased work that has been detected, however work is expected to be completed by 31 March or by 7 April at the latest.
3. Air Conditioning - In order to expedite the process of fixing the air conditioning, the use of Section 36 will be explored based on fair value and fair pricing due to this being an emergency. In order to ensure that staff are not interrupted or disturbed, the work will be undertaken after hours and over the weekend. Work is expected to be completed by 24 March 2017.
All of the 351 staff members from 75 Dr Langalibalele Dube Street are being accommodated in alternative existing Municipal premises to avoid the unnecessary cost of procuring accommodation at a non-Council building.
In addition, Council-owned accommodation has been found without splitting the teams to ensure proper supervision and operational efficiency.
To ensure accessibility to the public and minimal disruption to services, members of the public can still submit objections forms or business licence renewals on the ground floor at 75 Dr Langalibalele Dube Street. The Department of Labour has given partial clearance for some staff to work on the ground floor in the interim and staff will be available to handle any queries.
The Municipality’s Occupational Health and Safety team must be respected and commended for their thoroughness in ensuring the safety and health of the staff members of the public.
It is expected that it will take three weeks to enable the supplementary prohibition notices to be lifted. Furthermore, staff have already returned to work, and all work is expected to be completed at 75 Dr Langalibalele Dube Street by 7 April 2017.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality.
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