22 June 2017
Efforts of Hard Working Metro Police Officers Lauded by The Public
The efforts of three hardworking Metro Police officers who went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a member of the public whose son’s car had been stolen from the beachfront, have been praised.
Their unwillingness to give up and search an expansive township for the vehicle resulted in the car being found at a local car wash being cleaned, presumably before it was going to be illegally sold, making the chances of recovery even slimmer.
The car was returned to the owner so promptly that they hadn’t yet completed opening a case with the South African Police Service (SAPS).
The swift action of Metro Police offers has been praised by the father of the complainant who wrote a letter of commendation thanking the three officers, Captain Isabel Moolman, Constable Sibonelo Mthembu and Sergeant Mandla Gumbi, “to record high praise and commendation” for their efforts.
The incident occurred on 11 June when a white Ford Figo was stolen from Addington Beach. The complainant reported the incident at the Boscombe Joint Operation Centre where Captain Moolman offered assistance.
She took down the details and worked with the complainant to track the movements of the car.
Captain Moolman also contacted Inspector Briekie Lee from the K-9 Unit for further assistance while also referring the complainant to the SAPS to open a criminal case.
Constable Mthembu and Sergeant Gumbi from the Metro Police K-9 Unit were on duty and were dispatched to uMlazi BB section where the last movement of the vehicle was tracked. While the vehicle was not at the location last tracked they were determined to find it and scoured the township looking for a car matching its description.
Sometime later their eagle eyes spotted a car fitting the description at a local car wash and upon further inspection they discovered it was the stolen vehicle. It had been vacuumed and was being washed.
It had been dropped off by a male who said he would return in to pick up the cleaned car.
Constable Mthembu and Sergeant Gumbi kept in constant communication with the compliant to update them of their progress also informing them when they had located the vehicle.
In the letter, the complainant said he knows that it is extremely difficult and rare to find a car without a tracker and on this basis the positive and persevering attitude of the Metro Police personnel is commendable.
“Both Captain Moolman and Constable Mthembu were calm, professional, and diligent from the time I dealt with them to finding the vehicle. I consider that they went beyond the call of duty and they have given my family and I a heightened faith and respect for the Metro Police. As citizens we often complain about where our rates go, but your department has certainly shown that our rates are contributing to a very professional and well trained organisation,” he wrote.
He added: “There was no need to open a case in the end and I received my vehicle immediately. The officers, while thankful for the commendation, said it was all in a day’s work. My heart felt sincere thanks to these personnel and I hope that you can reward them for their excellent work.”
Captain Moolman said the best part of her job is helping people. “Had we not acted so quickly the car would have been long gone. While this was part of our job it is nice to be appreciated.”
Mthembu said it was important in their job to never give up and to always keep trying. “We are thankful for the recognition. It makes it all worthwhile.”
Gumbi added that finding the vehicle so quickly made him happy and thankful.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications Tozi Mthethwa.
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