26 April 2017
EThekwini to Assist Homeless in the City
EThekwini Municipality will take a holistic approach to assist those living on the street to reduce begging, drug abuse and crime in the City. This follows the tabling of a report at the Full Council seating today, 26 April.
The report outlined the adoption of the Social Developmental Strategy and the implementation of recommendations emanating from an in-depth homeless study conducted in the City. These recommendations include drop-in centres, shelters as well as policy development to address these social ills.
The report from the Safety and Emergency Services Committee meeting held on 20 April, said the committee noted the social development challenges that have been prevalent in the City. And although there have been intervention programmes, such as the Qalakabusha Social Intervention Programme which was initiated in 2014 to tackle homelessness and drug abuse within the inner City, more could be done.
The report noted the development of the Integrated Social Development Strategy by the Office of the Deputy City Manager: Community and Emergency Services, with different stakeholders including Safer Cities, Area Based Management, Human Settlements, Health, Metro Police and the Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit.
Council approved the Social Development Strategy aimed at consolidating social development interventions throughout the City to deal with the issues of homelessness, drugs abuse, street begging and crime
Furthermore, Council approved the implementation of the recommendations of the homeless study which include shelters, drop-in centres and policy development.
The financial implications of the implementation of the Social Developmental Plan will be provided separately for each intervention and be submitted to the Community Services Committee once the strategy has been adopted by Council.
Communities stand to be economically empowered through the City acquiring two farms for the indigenous free-range chicken value chain project.
Full Council tabled a report giving authority to the Head of Real Estate to acquire portion 278 of the Farms Uitkomst and Doornrug from RCL Foods Consumer (Pty) Ltd. Local communities, including employees retrenched from Rainbow Chicken, would be encouraged to form economic entities and participate in the project.
The cost of acquiring the land will not exceed R15 million with the land belonging to eThekwini Municipality. The City hopes to own and run the farms by June this year. This initiative will assist in developing emerging farmers.
The initiative was largely welcomed by councillors present who said it would be economically empowering residents who formed the cooperatives to run the farms, while delivering on promises made to support communities.
The Sivananda King Goodwill Zwelithini Education Centre at Mitchell Park Zoo will be a new attraction for the City, where pupils and visitors alike can learn.
A report tabled at Full Council acknowledged the donation of the education and environmental learning centre from the Mitchell Park Trust. The construction of the pre-fabricated wooden structure in the Mitchell Park Zoo will commence immediately in the location indicated in the site plan and will serve as a new attraction in the Zoo which has a rich history in the City.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Head of Communications Tozi Mthethwa.
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