07 October 2015 

EThekwini Appeals To Holidaymakers And Residents To Keep The City Clean

Durban was a hive of activity at the weekend when hundreds of holidaymakers made their way to the City to enjoy some of our tourist attractions, including the beachfront.

As a result there was an accumulation of refuse at the City’s beaches.

Over the weekend Municipal cleaning staff members have been working tirelessly to clean up the refuse. The City had a staff complement of 40 workers who were on duty for the day and night shifts. 

Mayor Cllr James Nxumalo has condemned the littering on City beaches, and appeals to holidaymakers and residents to use the receptacles provided and become responsible for their waste and the environment. 

“A positive attitude can transform the social ills, poor economic and environmental conditions in our City. It takes a concerted effort from all stakeholders to keep a City clean and we all must become ambassadors of our beautiful City. A clean environment leads to a positive attitude and better quality of life. This positive approach attracts investments, which enables growth and job creation,” said Nxumalo.

The City implemented its Clean and Maintain My City campaign in 2014 where it called on all residents, business and holidaymakers to dispose of their waste responsibly. Daily clean-up operations are continuing across all wards in the City. Keeping and maintain a clean City is everyone’s responsibility.

“This campaign should be at the top of every citizen’s agenda.Whether you are involved in the local business community, active in your neighbourhood, or interested in cleaning up and greening your environment, your efforts are essential to our shared success,” added Nxumalo.

However, measures have been put in place to control this unacceptable behaviour in future.

Chapter 4 of the Nuisance and Behaviour in public spaces By-Law, 2015 states that:

(1) No person may within a public place, deposit, dump or discard any waste or litter– 

(a) In a manner that detracts from the cleanliness of such public place or which causes a nuisance; and 

(b) Anywhere other than in a receptacle provided by the Municipality for that purpose. 

2) No person may permit any waste or litter from any land or premises to be discarded, dumped, stored, kept or disposed of in such a manner that such waste or litter causes a nuisance. The proposed fine for littering is R1000. This is the proposed amount which still has to be approved by the Chief Magistrate. Once approved, the amounts will be made public.

The By-law will come into effect in the first part of 2016. This interim period will allow Metro Police officers to be trained to effectively enforce it. Other transgressions covered in the By-Law include consuming alcohol or being intoxicated in a public place.


Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Communications Head, Tozi Mthethwa.

For more information contact Gugu Mbonambi on 0313114855 or or Princess Nkabane on 031 311 4818 or email

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