21 AUGUST 2018
For immediate release
Disruption of Bus Service in Chesterville
The City is urging community members to refrain from damaging infrastructure during service delivery protests.
This is after residents who were protesting in Chesterville attacked and damaged Durban Transport buses operating in the area.
The operator, Tansant has since suspended the bus service in the area to prevent risk of buses being damaged or burned. Four council buses were previously burnt during the recent service delivery protests in the Chesterville area. The situation is being assessed and buses will be restored once the situation is safe and has returned to normal. The City cannot risk attack on buses with the passengers as they may result to injuries and loss of lives.
Members of the community are being engaged regarding the protest.
The City acknowledges people’s right to protest however, protests should be demonstrated in a peaceful manner.
The City apologizes to commuters for the inconvenience as a result of the bus service disruption.
We urge residents to demonstrate civic pride and a sense of ownership of public assets by reporting acts of vandalism to the Municipality.
Issued by eThekwini Municipality’s Acting Head of Communications, Mandla Nsele.
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