25 September 2018


In celebration of Heritage Month, the Municipality’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit is continuing to engage with stakeholders and members of the community through various programmes under the banner, “PRC Week”.

The Unit has thus far hosted several dialogues and seminars aimed at showcasing services provided by the Municipality and creating awareness about how these can be accessed.

On Wednesday, 26 September, the Durban Natural Science Museum will host the annual Ian Player – Magqubu Ntombela Lecture under the theme, “The impact of urban rats and rodent-borne diseases in our City”. Conservationist, Dr Leigh Richards will lead discussions on the subject of urban infestation and the social impact it carries. She will look at the mitigating methods that can be adopted to improve sanitation, educate the community and control rodent infestation in communities. The lecture will take place at Durban ICC, 18h00.

Book enthusiasts and people in the literacy space will enjoy the Literacy Summit scheduled for Thursday, 27 September at the Durban ICC, 08h30. With eThekwini Municipality having been declared the UNESCO City of Literature in 2017, it is important for the City to come up with innovative programmes that will continue to promote the culture of reading and enhance the literacy rate in the City. The summit will see various experts in the field of literature engage and provide solutions on the strategies that can be implemented in order to ensure that reading and writing is an integral part of our society.

Again on 27 September, 18h00 at the Durban ICC, the Municipality will unpack the reasons and possible solutions to the ever-present tensions that exist between the African and Indian communities. In the recent past, business people in the townships expressed their unhappiness about Indians doing business in their areas. Against this background it is obvious that hostilities between Africans and Indians still exist in many fronts. Speakers of the day will include Dumisani Hlophe; SABC Political Editor, Prof. Ashwin Desai from the University of Johannesburg, Xolani Dube from the Xubera Institute, Dr Devi Rajab from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and many others.

On 28 September, 18h00 at the Hilton Hotel, emerging television personalities are encouraged to participate in the eThekwini Television Industry Summit. Television Icon, Duma ka Ndlovu and other established actors will share their knowledge and skills on how the TV industry in Durban can be sustained and elevated to ensure job creation.

PRC Week will end of with a fun-filled family day scheduled to take place on Saturday, 29 September at the Durban Beachfront, 10h00. Members of the public will be able to participate in fun a variety of fun activities that include beach sports, arts and culture performances, exhibitions, aerobathon and other fun activities.

All programmes are free entry. Members of the media are invited to participate in all.

To view the detailed PRC Week schedule click here:

For enquiries and RSVP contact Vuyo Ndlovu on 031 311 4838,


Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Deputy Head of Communications, Mandla Nsele.