19 February 2018
For immediate release
City Excels in Service Delivery and Financial Management
The eThekwini Municipality has performed well over the last financial year and received an Unqualified Audit Opinion reinforcing that we are one of the best run cities in the country. The City has delivered houses, electrified homes, brought life giving water to residents despite numerous challenges, like the drought, aging infrastructure, and rapid urbanisation.
The information on the city’s service delivery performance is contained in the Annual Report which is a reflection of the City’s performance over the last financial year. It gives a detailed account of service delivery achievements, challenges and consolidated annual financial statements.
The production of the Annual Report is a legal obligation in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act. In the interests of transparency and accountability, the Municipality has an obligation to allow the public an opportunity to comment on the Annual Report before it is adopted by Council. The city is therefore inviting the public to comment on the Annual Report and a public meeting will be held to facilitate this process.
The report shows that eThekwini Municipality is in a strong financial position underpinned by the outstanding collection rate (97%), growth in revenue, moderate gearing, stable debt and strong liquidity. The City has also managed to maintain its investment grade credit rating of AA in the long term and A1+ in the short term with a positive outlook. This is the highest rating in the municipal sector.
The Municipality continued its impressive track record in terms of service delivery with a capital spend of 90%. However, despite the excellent progress made, there is still a growing backlog due to rapid urbanisation.
Looking to the future the City is committed to building a sustainable, resilient city by taking measures to reduce and the impacts of climate change and our carbon footprint. Numerous projects looking at alternative sources of energy, green transport, procurement, sustainable housing, water supply, waste water treatment, landfills, and recycling are all initiatives that being undertaken by the city.
Some of the highlights of the Annual Report indicate that the Municipality has delivered 5003 new houses and 35 family units, against the challenge of ever increasing urbanisation.
The drought and water loss posed a major challenge for the City in ensuring water delivery to communities, however, potable water is delivered to 897 574 households including households in informal areas.
The City also supplies electricity to more than 745 000 customers covering square 2000kms and a weekly refuse removal service is provided to 1 046 307 households, including 602 939 households in informal settlements.
The Annual Report is now open for public comment and the Municipality is calling on the public to make their representations before 2 March 2018. A public meeting to discuss the Annual Report will be held on 20 February at the Albert Luthuli Hall at City Hall at 9h00. All civil society organisations and other interested parties are invited to attend.
Comments received from this process also inform the Integrated Development Plan and the budgets for the upcoming financial years.
The Annual Report is available on the Municipality’s website, It is also available at Sizakala Centres and Libraries.
Members of the public are invited to browse through the report and provide feedback to Khululiwe Faya at
The Municipality will be able to assist in transcribing representations and comments, should such services be required. The closing date for comments is 02 March 2018.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality, Communications Unit.
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