21 September 2015

City Clamps Down On Vehicles Operating Without Valid Rote Permits

EThekwini Municipality will continue to enforce the rule of law without fear or favour and impound all vehicles in the City operating without valid route permits.

At the weekend, Metro Police impounded 305 vehicles during enforcement operations within the eThekwini Metro. 

The breakdown of all impounded vehicles is as follows:

• 163 Minibus Taxis

• 120 Meter Taxis

• 18 Durban Transport Municipal Buses

• 4 Private Buses

The Municipality is aware that members of the taxi industry met this morning, 21 September 2015, and resolved to suspend all public transport operations including buses, taxis and metered taxis in the City with immediate effect until their impounded vehicles are released. 

The Municipality wishes to clarify that there is no standing agreement between the City and members of the taxi industry that minibus taxis will not be impounded for failure to produce valid route permits. 

All impounded vehicles will only be released after the offending party pays an admission of guilt fine through the courts.

In previous meetings with the City, members of the taxi industry indicated that if there are issues of taxi conflict and violence, they expect Metro Police to enforce the law.

Transport related law enforcement operations in eThekwini are in line with the National Transport Regulations and the Land Transport Act. 

The taxi leadership was invited by the City, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport and the South African Police Service to a meeting today but they declined to meet.

The City is however, still willing to meet with members of the taxi industry to find an amicable solution to the challenges they may be facing.

Law enforcement authorities are out in full force to monitor the situation.

EThekwini Municipality urges commuters to make alternative transport arrangements until the situation normalises. 


Issued by eThekwini Municipality. 

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