6 December 2018
City Approves Display of Election and Registration Posters
The conditions applicable to display election and registration posters in eThekwini were outlined in a report tabled at the last full Council meeting for 2018 held today at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention centre.
The report spells out clearly conditions applicable to display the posters and to waive the restrictive provisions in the by-laws and policies, in particular, the payment of deposits, for the period leading up to the May 2019 elections.
The report recommended that the current prescribed tariffs be waived and instead applications be accompanied by a deposit of R200 for every ward where posters will be placed. Furthermore, the number of posters will be restricted to 800 per party, per ward. No more than two posters, back to back, is allowed per party per pole.
Other conditions include that no poster shall be erected at a height less than 2.5 metres from the underside of the poster to the ground. The council also prohibits posters that would obscure all traffic signs and they must only be on street light poles.
No posters shall be erected on the Western Freeway, N3, N2, the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre and the beachfront which includes the upper and lower Marine Parade and Snell Parade.
The report notes that all registration posters must be removed within 14 days of the date of government elections. The report urges all political parties must undertake to remove posters within 30 days of the date of government elections.
The three highways in the City which are open to outdoor advertising before the elections only include the Ruth First Highway (M4 North Bound), Inkosi Albert Luthuli (Southern) Freeway and the Higginson Highway. Advertising here will take place during the election period and third party advertising is not permitted. The message will be constant and will not contribute to cause any accident, the report states.
The beachfront is also open to outdoor advertising only three weeks before elections with only flying banners allowed. The report notes that the area is mainly used by pedestrians who may be the targeted population for elections. Therefore, only flying banners will be permitted in this precinct.
The use of wall murals for election purposes is also permitted, the report states. The standard size of A1 posters are permitted.
The report points out that applications will be submitted for processing to the General Advertising Branch of the Development Planning, Management and Environment Unit to ensure compliance with other aspects of the bylaw.
This approval by Council of this recommendation is limited to the 2019 government elections only and will commence from the date of resolution.
According to the report, failure to remove posters will result in the Municipality removing posters and recovering any costs incurred from the political party concerned at the current applicable removal rate per poster.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Acting Head of Communications Mandla Nsele.
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