For Immediate Release 

19 July 2019

City’s Vehicle Auctions Are Not Aimed at Discriminating against Residents of Indian Descent

The City would like to refute the reports by The Mercury newspaper that Indians are discriminated against in its auctions. It should be noted that this City was built on the sweating backs of Indians that came to this country as indentured labourers. It was the same Indians that participated aggressively in the struggle against the apartheid regime and eventually it was torpedoed. Like their black fellow South Africans, they were tortured and some even died while fighting for justice for all. 

An advertisement was sent to the journalist and it clearly spelled out who should participate in this auction. These are women, people with disabilities, youth, military veterans, SMMEs and Cooperatives there is no where it mentions the issue of race. This was solely to discredit the narrative that Indians were not allowed to participate.

The City went as far as communicating to the journalist that an official that allegedly stood on the bonnet of the car and bar Indians from participating, is investigated and if found to have violated the requirements of this advert, the City will act. Nevertheless, the journalist crowned the story with headline “BLACKS ONLY MUNICIPAL CAR AUCTION SPARKS FURY”. This was a clear demonstration that the journalist was hell bent to sow seeds of racism that will never impede this City’s social cohesion initiatives. 

A letter has since been written to The Mercury for publishing to set the record straight. In a telephone conversation the journalist quoted the Municipal Spokesperson, it was explained to the journalist that in the past we had an RET auction that was meant for military veterans and again the City was criticized for discriminating against other races. It really does not make sense that the Municipal Spokesperson is quoted twice in the article giving two contradicting responses.

The City would like to appeal to some members of the media to resist being used to fan the narrative intended to brand this City as racist. Indian residents belong here and they are indispensable for this City to advance the agenda of the National Democratic Revolution. 

Media Enquiries

Msawakhe Mayisela



Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela.