City’s Preparations for the Festive Season Pays Off
Lifeguards and law enforcement officers had their hands full during the first peak weekend of the 2018 festive season. As beaches were packed to capacity, officials worked around the clock to ensure that order was maintained and the city meet the needs of holiday makers.
Acting Chairperson of FESMAC, Malcolm Canham, said that the activities of the long weekend were an opportunity to test the effectiveness of the systems put in place. Canham applauded the park and ride system which he described as a big success. “All vehicles were directed to the Drive-Inn Site. This resulted in a free flow of traffic on the beachfront and our visitors seem to be enjoying this arrangement because it is for everyone’s benefit” said Canham.
Statistics for the long weekend (14-17 Dec 2018) were as follows at all beaches around the City;
At central beaches approximately 410 210 patrons were recorded on the beach with the southern region hosting 298 028 patrons. The northern region was home to 63 000 beach goers.
About 106 rescue operations were carried out and 4231 people received first aid treatment, mostly from blue bottle stings.
Approximately 1725 children were separated from their parents/guardians. They were all reunited, thanks to the 39 947 armbands issued to all children at the beaches. Officials have urged parents and guardians to be extra cautious when coming to the beach with children, as they can easily get lost in the large crowd.
From the Cleansing and Solid Waste Department, 413 staff members worked on a three shift system daily and 1 807 432 tons of litter was collected. Members of the public are urged to keep the City clean by ensuring that they dispose of their litter in the bins provided.
A case of murder was reported at Casarina Beach after a patron was shot during an altercation. The suspect was arrested and the matter handed over to South African Police Service. There was also a case of a hit and run incident at the same beach. Police are investigating both matters.
Issued by the eThekwini Municipality’s Spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela.
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