A public letter to all eThekwini residents updating them on the City’s programme of action 14 days since the inauguration of Councillors
06 September 2016
Today marks exactly two weeks since the 5th eThekwini Municipal Council was inaugurated on 23 August 2016.
At this ceremony 218 councillors took the oath of office that they will serve you with diligence at all times.
Today, we report back on our programme of action since the newly elected Council representatives assumed office.
Availability of services at Councillor offices
With regards to the availability of services at Councillor offices. Some residents have enquired about Councillors’ availability to assist them.
We can confirm as well as reassure all residents that Councillors are available to assist residents and can be reached on their mobile phones. Furthermore, residents can visit their nearest Sizakala Centre for assistance.
Residents must be aware that Councillors were booked to attend two induction sessions since their election. It is a norm in all organisations that newly appointed staff or office bearers undergo induction sessions to help them prepare for office. This orientation is a legislative requirement in order to ensure that Councillors are well equipped in fulfilling government’s mandate of changing peoples’ lives.
The first induction for our 218 Councillors and 16 Amakhosi, which was organised by our Municipality, was held from 29-31 August 2016 at the Durban City Hall. The objective of the induction was to familiarise Councillors with Municipal policies, strategic objectives and budget processes to ensure successful management of the City.
This week, from 5 to 9 September 2016, Councillors are attending the South African Local Government Association/ Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs induction programme which includes some of the following modules: Policy and Legislation applicable to Local Government, Municipal Planning and Strategy, Municipal Finance Management, Municipal Performance and Accountability, Key Municipal processes, Developmental Local Government and service delivery, Councillors leadership roles and responsibilities.
Convening of Committee, Exco and Council meetings
The City is at work as we speak. Our team of officials are out in full force rendering services to our 3.5 million residents. Waste is being collected, roads are being repaired, houses are being built, clinics are operating, libraries are operating and maintenance work is in progress.
With this being said, at the inaugural Council meeting held on 23 August 2016, it was decided that a Special Council meeting be convened to consider and approve the establishment of support committees. Future meetings will be announced post this Special Council sitting.
Mayor’s stakeholder and outreach programme
Since taking office, the newly elected Mayor Zandile Gumede has interacted with a range of stakeholders across our City to ensure that there is a robust engagement programme. In the past two weeks, the Mayor has articulated the municipality’s programme of action at some high-level strategic stakeholders’ events.
At these events the Mayor made drew reference to the commitments she has made during her inaugural speech, which includes driving economic growth, fighting corruption, women empowerment, youth and rural development, fighting social ills as well as the development of
Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises.
These and other priorities listed in the Mayor’s inaugural speech are being actively driven by all levels of City officials.
Some of the stakeholder events that the Mayor has attended included the following:
- Women Economic Empowerment Summit
- South Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference
- Launch of the Essence Festival
- Public Service Volunteer Week
Apart from meeting external stakeholders, the Mayor has also met with the top 400 senior municipal officials, including the City Manager and Deputy City Managers. The aim of the meeting was to inculcate a sense of urgency for our service delivery programme. It is important to set the right tone at the top.
Where to from here?
In 86 days’ time, we will pronounce on our service delivery progress. It is important for residents to remember that they are at the centre of what we do at all times. Building a sustainable and people centred City hinges on constant two-way communication between elected public representatives and the community. We cannot achieve our vision of being Africa’s most caring and liveable City by 2030 without you.
Issued by the Head of Communications, Ms Tozi Mthethwa.
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