School Bookings

To make a booking please call 031 311 2256

Information Required For Making A School Booking:
- Number of children in the group
- Grades coming
- Number of educators/adults accompanying the children
- Contact person and their number
KwaZuzulwazi Centres
KwaZuzulwazi is the name for our satellite museums; these are found in areas outside the city to allow those people who cannot visit the museum to still see what we have in our museum. We have one KZ site at KwaMashu E section as well as inside the museum at the City Hall.

Inside KZ visitors are able and allowed to touch and feel the specimens, something that is not allowed inside the galleries at the main museum. Kids are able to come close and personal with our specimens and can learn more about them while completing the worksheets that deal with the material in front of them.

The Opening Times For The KZ Centres Are:
City Hall: Monday to Friday 9:00 -15:00
KwaMashu: Monday to Friday 10:00- 15:00

To make a booking to visit KZ call the Info desk on 031 311 2256
Educator’s Resources
As part of our education programmes we also run educator workshops. These are aimed at life science educators from both primary and high schools. The workshops are themed according to the environmental theme being commemorated that year. 2010 was the International year of Biodiversity so all our workshops in 2010 were about biodiversity e.g. introduction to climate change, alien invasive species etc.

In 2011 the theme is international year of Chemistry and the International year of the Bat and Forests. The themes for this year’s workshops were “Water and the International Year of Chemistry, Exotic and Indigenous, and "The Paper Trail"
The workshops were all held at the Natural Science Museum Research Centre at 151 K.E. Masinga Road. They started at 09h00 and usually end at 13h30. Tea and lunch is provided for the attendees. Invitations are sent to schools in and around Durban, any educator interested in coming to our workshops is free to call our Info desk to RSVP for a workshop.

Volunteer Training Programme

Do you feel the need to do something that will help the future of the nation and other people? Do you want to contribute to your community in the fields of science education and tourism? Do you have some qualifications in the fields of conservation, tourism or marketing but cannot find a job and would like to gain extra skills? Or maybe you have some experience in the above fields? Would you like to work in a museum, or are you a student looking for a work placement, or you just have some time to spare? Would you like to try something new to do this year? Then volunteering could just be the opportunity you have been looking for.

As a volunteer you can make an important contribution to the Durban Natural Science Museum working on different projects. This could be helping in one of our many departments or increasing our visitor's enjoyment and understanding of our collections.

The Durban Natural Science Museum has a Volunteer Training Course at the beginning of each year. There is a minimal cost associated with the course which is announced when an official call for the volunteer training programme is published (January of each year). This covers notes and provides membership to the Museum Friends Society for the year.
It is important to note that the training programme is presented in English and that at its completion, before making our final selection of volunteers for the Museum prospective volunteers will write a test. Selection as a volunteer is dependent on the results obtained from the test, as well as your participation and performance during training.

We are looking for people who have a matric with Life Sciences (Biology), some qualification and or experience in the fields of conservation, travel and tourism, marketing or education. Please look for the official public notice in the January issue of Ezasegagasini newspaper and this webpage.

For further information, contact our information desk on  (031) 311-225
KwaNunu Exhibition:
Durban Natural Science Museum (NSM) runs an interactive exhibition called “KwaNunu –Place of the Animals” every year. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase South Africa’s incredible by using carefully constructed and managed displays that can appeal to all ages from preschoolers to school leavers, parents and educators.
The objectives of this exhibition are:
  • To promote broad public awareness, understanding, appreciation, dialogue and debate about all aspects of the natural sciences and their contribution to humanity
  • Through the promotion of the importance of science as a career
  • Through raising awareness of the importance of bio-systematic research in the broader community
  • By taking science into the cultural mainstream so that everyone can participate in it on an equal basis.
  • By making a solid and useful contribution to science teaching in local schools
  • By contributing Skills Development through student and volunteer participation

We invite other environmental organizations to be part of this exciting experience aimed at educating the learners and educators about the life and environment of animals and plants. There are real experiments done while the kids watch, the kids are exposed to cutting-edge research and interactions between professionals and amateur enthusiasts; all with an underlying message of conservation and respect for living things.

For more information, please contact the Info desk at 031-311 2256

Holiday Programmes
We conduct holiday programmes such as sleep-over and field trips during school holidays. During a sleep-over the kids get to experience a memorable night at the museum filled with lots of exciting activities like a treasure hunt and SURVIVOR games.

There are lots of prizes to be won for the winning teams and the chance to make new friends while trying to remain brave and not be scared by the dinosaur in the dark.  The other activities done during holiday programmes include field trips to exciting places like ABI the cool drink manufacturing plant, visits to nature reserves for a walk on the wild side where you are bound to see exciting animals and some new plants. Back at the museum we conduct interesting edutainment activities such as card making for Christmas as well as painting to give to loved ones back at home.

Both the sleepovers and holiday programmes are advertised in the municipality newspapers such as Ezasegagasini. Visit this page again for information on upcoming holiday programme schedules.
Outreach programmes
We are involved in a number if outreach programmes, whether by invite or those which we organise ourselves. We have been part of a group of other environmental organizations that went out into the Mzinyathi community to celebrate Wetland day with the schools in the area and the community. There we deck out our specimens, especially those related to wetlands and teach the schools and community about the importance of wetlands and the species found there.

To commemorate International Museum Day we organized a week long activity programmed where we showcased our specimens to the public and thus introduced our museum to a whole new group of people who didn’t know where the museum was and what it was all about. During this week we held an exhibition on the walkway outside the city hall. Our specimens did all the talking, inviting all the people who were walking by. Some were too scared to come too close and others couldn’t miss the chance to take pictures next to the animals they wouldn’t otherwise be able to touch. The message for all our outreach activity is conservation and respect for living things.
Visit this page again for updated information about our future planned outreach engagements.
Magqubu Ntombela – Ian Player Annual Lecture
In 2010 we had our inaugural Magqubu Ntombela – Ian Player lecture, the guest speaker at this lecture was the renowned conservationist Dr Ian Player. This was the beginning of what we hope will be a very successful programme filled with great guest speakers.

The purpose of these annual lectures is to provide a forum for prominent and distinguished speakers who are leaders in the field of biodiversity conservation, science and social science to address the general public on the subject of the environment, culture and social cohesion. These lectures are aimed at honoring the friendship between Magqubu Ntombela and Dr Ian Player that lasted over decades and which played a significant role in the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity.

This lecture series is committed to encouraging the youth of today-the future leaders of our country- to embrace nature and protect our heritage and to support conservation and community-based projects. These lectures are also dedicated to increasing conservation awareness amongst all the people of Southern Africa, to exemplify how one can live harmoniously, practically and spiritually with our land, with each other and within ourselves.