The recent EDGE seminar titled “Industrial Land & Policy in eThekwini” was held on the 27 June 2014. The seminar included a presentation by the Department of Trade and Industry on the latest Industrial Policy Action Plan as well as a workshop on the draft eThekwini Industrial Land Strategy. Participants were given an opportunity to interact with each other and comment on the strategy as it reaches finalization. For more information on the seminar, please contact Aurelia Albert (Aurelia.Albert@durban.gov.za) or Caili Forrest (Caili.Forrest@durban.gov.za).

KwaMashuUrbanHubCensusDataReport.pdfKwaMashu Urban Hub Census data report FINAL

PINKServicesStatusQuoFinalReport7October.pdfPINK Services Status Quo Final Report

To access the presentations and the draft Industrial Land Strategy, please click on the files below:

eThekwini Industrial Land Study and Development Strategy Presentation EDGE 27 June 2014

Industrial Development Strategy 30 June 2014​

IPAP Presentation 27 June 2014


We are pleased to announce that the Economic Development & Job Creation Strategy 2013-2018 was officially launched on the 27th of November 2013. This Strategy aims to open a new growth path for the EThekwini Municipal Area (EMA) based on a long-term approach. It draws into account, various key policies as well as national, global and local economic perspectives, seeking to provide direction towards strategic economic issues. The Strategy will address matters such as local competitiveness, spatial-economics and underdevelopment challenges experienced in the City. A 5-year implementation plan will also be developed over the next few months, and the strategy has identified 10 key programmes which will help transform the Municipality towards a better future for all citizens. Overall, the strategy highlights job creation as the key element to reducing poverty and inequality in the EThekwini region.

To view the final copy of this strategy or the presentation, please click here >>>



We wish to give a very warm welcome to another new member in the team who has joined us on the 1st of November 2013, Dr. Anneline Chetty.  Anneline is the Senior Manager for Policy and Strategy. She is no stranger to the City, as she brings a lot of expertise and years of experience into the PSIR team, where she also looks forward towards making a positive contribution. We hope that working with us will be a pleasant experience for her, and everyone else in the Economic Development unit.


Green Services and Industries Report: EThekwini’s Green Services and Industries report was released in July 2013. It presents the analysis and findings of the green services and industry sectors in our City.  One of the core phases of this project included the compilation of eThekwini’s green service and industry firms’ database. The purpose of this report is to provide a better understanding of the nature of these firms and explore the opportunities available within the various sectors, such as employment opportunities and system-wide sustainability benefits. To read up more on the report, please click here.

Collaborative Research Study of Medium and Large Manufacturing Sector Firms: The Pilot Phase of the study has been successfully completed with a representative sample of medium and large manufacturing firms in the Durban area. The reports from this phase of the project will be made available soon. For more information on the project, please contact Aurelia Albert (Aurelia.Albert@durban.gov.za).

Analysis of eThekwini Tourism Sector: The study of eThekwini’s tourism sector has been completed, in consultation with a number of private and public sector organisations. An in-depth research report has been compiled and strategic interventions for the industry have been identified. The reports will be made available to the public once Council approval has been sought in the near future. For more information on this project, please contact Aurelia Albert (Aurelia.Albert@durban.gov.za).

Skills @Work Theory and Practice Journal-Volume 5: Skills@Work is a Local Economic Development Journal that provides a platform for young researchers in research centres and local graduate students in educational institutions to publish scholarly articles, case studies and book reviews on skills development issues. Published by the University of KwaZulu-Natal in association with the National Skills Research Agency (NASRA), the latest release features two of our colleagues from PSIR, Caili Forrest and Pumla Jali, as well as Dr Clive Coetzee from the KZN Provincial Treasury. Click here to read the full journal.

Port Expansion Position Paper: The planned Port Expansion is a much talked about development issue in eThekwini. In this research paper Dr Maharaj speaks to the socio-economic development challenges experienced by the City and the role of the Port, in an effort to determine what is in the best interests of the people of eThekwini. This paper seeks to add to the dialogue around this possible development as well as contribute to the City’s strategic level planning on the expansion. For the full paper please click here.

Riverhorse Valley Socio-economic Impact Study Released: ​Following the successful sale of all the properties in the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate, the eThekwini Municipality funded a study to determine the socio-economic impact of this development on the immediate site, the surrounding area, and the eThekwini economy at large. Some key findings are:
  • The Estate generates annual rates amounting to R83.5-million and this will increase as the development of sites in the Estate continues.
  • The development of the Estate supports densification and the development of critical infrastructure.
  • Black Economic Empowerment and small business development targets have not been achieved.

More than 17000 people are employed at the Estate with over 12000 being permanent and a contract workforce of just over 4000. The full report can be downloaded here.