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March 08
Durban featured prominently in SOPA

​THE recent State of the Province Address (SOPA) by Premier Willies Mchunu was empowering for the entire province as he gave an account of how KwaZulu-Natal has fared over the past five years while highlighting achievements made since 1994. We are proud that our City was positively mentioned on numerous occasions during the address.

Our City by virtue of being the economic hub of the province, continues to attract a large number of people from rural areas resulting in rapid urbanisation. We are elated that Premier Mchunu has commended eThekwini Municipality for the Cornubia Housing Project which comprises of 25 000 housing units. Through this project, we have restored the dignity of thousands of people who did not qualify for low cost housing but also were unable to secure home loans. We have committed to move with speed to build 4 000 houses and have already spent millions purchasing land in this regard.

It was thrilling to hear Macingwane touching on the international tourism arrival figures that have sky rocketed. This is largely thanks to our efforts of expanding direct air access to Durban’s King Shaka International Airport. In the past, direct access to our City was only through Emirates and Air Mauritius.

Today we have more than five international airlines flying directly to us including Air Namibia, Turkish Airlines, Qatar and British Airways. According to the Premier, the London to Durban route saw arrivals at King Shaka growing by an incredible 42 percent in just two months.

SOPA also brought to our attention that the latest Transnet freight projections indicate that despite its expansion projects of docking and handling facilities in the harbour, there is a likelihood that it could reach its saturation point in 2035. The Cato Ridge Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub appears to be the only solution available. The private sector, government and other stakeholders have already commenced engagements in this regard. This will definitely improve the movement of goods and promote industrial development along the Durban – Free State – Gauteng corridor.

Once this project has taken off, it will result in thousands of job opportunities. We are also thrilled at the significant milestone in health infrastructure in the form of Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital. The construction of this world-class facility is at an advanced stage. Situated near the Bridge City
Mall, it is the first Regional Hospital to be built in the province post 1994.

In conclusion, I would like to wish Macingwane good health and a happy retirement. He has been a fountain of wisdom that has nurtured many leaders in the province. It is therefore incumbent on all leadership to emulate him as we continue to grow South Africa.


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Such a great city!

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Re: Durban featured prominently in SOPA

Congratulations on your achievements up to so far. The work that you have done speak for itself. Opposition parties will have to work harder than before to point out shortcomings and deficiencies.

People should not get me wrong, opposition parties are an essential ingredient to our democracy; without them there is no democracy.
The fact that you are working hard means the opposition parties will have to work harder as well. As you outpace them, they must catch up with you; and if possible surpass you. This is how our democracy will get stronger, not by sabotaging Makamisa. Some people are confused and think that our democracy or our state institutions will only get better by destroying Makamisa.

This is a wrong perspective. It is only through the strengthening of opposition parties will our democracy transform from a fledgling democracy to a fully-fledged one.  Once the opposition parties are able to hold the ruling party accountable, the trickle effects will be there for everyone to see.

I can only heap praise on the housing project you have initiated. It is good that the senior leadership of the province uMacingwane has recognised the pivotal role played by your municipality in improving economic growth and standard of living of the people of South Africa. Keep up the good work.

Political leadership should spend approximately 90% of their time dealing with service delivery and governance issues as opposed to politics. Currently, the perception indicates that time management of political leadership is heavily tilted towards politics rather than service delivery.  We need to change this if we want to reposition South Africa as a growing country. Ceteris paribus, South Africa will soon be surpassed by countries such as Angola and Rwanda as classic examples of countries embodying ethical governance and economic growth.

Economic growth and ethical leadership are intertwined, the sooner this is observed the better. You cannot expect to have a successful and flourishing state owned enterprises (SOE's) and a country with a brewing economy when there are people such as Makamisa complaining about ethical issues engulfing the country.

Abanye bacabanga ukuthi sisafuna izikhundla nama-tender, asisanandaba naleyonto ngoba siyazi i-WMC seyaqeda ngathi. What I am concerned about ukuthi angifuni ukusala uma sebehlwithwa abangcwele, njengoba silwa impi engcwele against the WMC.

If you do not want the national democratic revolution (NDR) then make South Africa an open opportunity society (OPS).

Stella Aurorae
 on 3/18/2019 1:38 PM

Re: Durban featured prominently in SOPA

Public power is a power that originates from the people. Such power can only be exercised by an entity only if conferred upon it by the people. Public power is political in nature and that is why it must be determined by the people of the country.

The founding document of our country is the Constitution. The Constitution establishes the Republic of South Africa as a democratic state. Our democracy is multidimensional in that it can be viewed as a participatory democracy or representative democracy, depending on the context. There are court cases that support this view.

From the viewpoint of a representative democracy, our constitutional framework is such that the democratically elected representatives in parliament are bestowed with legislative powers on behalf of the people. They make and repeal laws. They decide on behalf of the people who must be conferred with public power. This means that in the context of our constitutional framework public power can only be exercised in terms of legislation. No person can, out of the blue, emerge and begin to exercise public power without legislative support. The lack of legislative support of public power means the absence of approval from the democratically elected political representatives and by extension the people.  

The exercise of public power must therefore originate from legislation. Any exercise of public power without legislation is therefore invalid. The principle of accountability which is entrenched in the Constitution would require the entity bestowed with such public power to be accountable to parliament.

In this context, when we talk about legislation we have to distinguish between original legislation and subordinate legislation.  The original legislation is the one enacted by parliament in terms of its plenary powers. The subordinate legislation is the one delegated by parliament to the executive and this normally takes the form of regulations e.g. Treasury regulations. Public power can only originate from the original legislation. The executive cannot be delegated the power to confer public power; the bestow of the executive with the power to confer public power would result in the transgression of the doctrine of separation of powers, and would go against the rule of law and particularly the principle of legality. Parliament cannot delegate its plenary powers.

It thus follows that an entity with the power to exercise public power must therefore be an organ of state. An entity cannot be a private organisation while exercising public power; that would go against the heart of our constitutional framework. But here is South Africa we have a professional body that exercises public power in terms of subordinate legislation and this obviously make them not accountable to parliament e.g. the people of South Africa. They exercise public power but cannot be held accountable by the people of South Africa.

Please note that this is a highly complex matter which took centuries for the predecessors of the WMC to perfect. The best legal minds in the country were involved in formulating the structure of the profession. To undo the damage caused by the WMC will therefore require one of the best legal minds in the country. But the question is, would that be feasible given the insurmountable power of the WMC?

 on 3/18/2019 1:44 PM

Re: Durban featured prominently in SOPA

South Africa requires what is called economic liberalisation to unlock opportunities and to tap into new markets (please do not confuse this with economic liberation). But how is this going to happen in the midst of ethical challenges facing governance of the country. We cannot have our cake and eat it. We have too many conflicting leadership approaches whose differences are fundamental in nature. How are we going to prosper as a country, and how are we going to be able to consolidate democracy when efforts of creating an open opportunity society are thwarted by the white monopoly capital? Remember there is a link between prosperity and integrity. You cannot expect a country to prosper in the absence of integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone of our democracy and prosperity of the country. We have got to endorse and support ethical leadership both in the public and private sector if we are serious about moving the country forward. Integrity is the touchstone of governance. Leadership can have the best qualifications money and efforts can get but in the absence of integrity such qualifications are useless. The source of all our governance related problems have got to do with ethics. The state of SOE's is a disgrace, it feeds into the stereotypes that black people cannot govern. South Africa does not need an airliner and a broadcaster to survive; these must be privatised. The time is now to learn to operate within the rubric of ethical principles as we pursue economic liberalisation.

UICD - Umlazi   

 on 3/18/2019 3:28 PM

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