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February 22
Family planning key to prevent abandoned babies

THIS past week has been quite unpleasant for the City as numerous incidents have left us reeling. We are still shocked by the death of six people on board a fishing vessel docked at our port. Throughout the night, rescuers braved the raging inferno that engulfed the fishing boat and made the gruesome discovery of the bodies at around 2am on 15 February.

Three young men also lost their lives recently when a boundary wall collapsed on them at Isiphingo Beach. They were doing construction work when the tragedy occurred. The City is still awaiting a full report of the incident. I would like to take this opportunity to send my heartfelt condolences to their families. An incident that left the City reeling was the dramatic three hour rescue of a baby girl trapped in a stormwater drain. I thank the man who heard the baby’s cry and took it upon himself to investigate and later sound the alarm that resulted in the baby being saved.

Thankfully she is doing well. We are amazed at her resilience and fighting spirit. Our emergency services deserve a pat on the back for their efforts to painstakingly retrieve the baby from the pipe unhurt. A few days after that incident, nurses at King Edward VIII Hospital made the discovery of a six-day old premature baby inside a potentially hazardous medical waste bin. Nurses said used needles, blood and human tissue are disposed of in the bin which was due to be collected the following day. As a leader, mother and grandmother, I make a passionate plea to everyone to talk to their children on how to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Clearly as parents and government, we have not done enough to educate and inform the public about family planning. These incidents should be a wake-up call to all of us to continue to spread the word that contraceptives are available free-of-charge at our healthcare facilities.

Poor family planning does not only result in unwanted pregnancies, it also breeds grinding poverty, bearing in mind that the country’s economy continues to stagnate. Research has shown that a number of young people living on the streets have been driven away from their homes by structural reasons such as poverty. The latter could be minimised by subscribing to the concept of family planning. Following these incidents, I have instructed City Health officials to ensure that nurses are not judgemental when young people come to them seeking help.

They must unwaveringly educate and inform the public, including the youth, about family planning and options available for unwanted pregnancies. Education and information, I believe will help us mitigate incidents of babies being dumped in bins or left in parks.


Re: Family planning key to prevent abandoned babies

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Re: Family planning key to prevent abandoned babies


The drama that has recently unfolded between the two stars is terrible and it could have been dealt with differently. What Mpintsho appear to have done on the video clip is deplorable and cannot be justified, and he must receive appropriate sanction for it after taking into account the mitigating factors. The knowledge of the mitigating factors will arise when the audi partem rule is applied by the court. I am told that this rule is one of the principles of natural justice; the application of this rule will demand the court to hear the other side which would be Mpintsho’s version. Once both sides of the story have been heard and evidence presented to court has been evaluated, the court will then be able to come to a conclusion that will be in conformity with public policy, legal convictions of society and by extension the Constitution itself.

If it were possible I would advise that the matter be dealt with through an amicable process (less adversarial) e.g. by following the customary law whereby the two families come together to resolve the matter or through an alternative dispute resolution process that will produce a conciliatory outcome. Disparaging each other in the media will only pour fuel on the fire; it cannot be a solution; neither will retribution. Retribution should be an instance of last resort; of course this is my view of which it need not be followed but for the sake of stimulating public discourse in a democratic country, I thought it to be necessary to share with the public these views.  A democratic country can only prosper in a climate of constant interaction and contestation of ideas and views.

The judgment of the court will only address the consequences of their actions which are the symptoms of the underlying problems in them. It is therefore upon themselves to take action to address the root cause that gave rise to the conduct that made them to have brush with the law. They must not stop at identifying the root cause but must also seek an everlasting solution in relation to the root cause.

Useshilo uMakamisa indoda yaseMlazi ezondwayo.

 on 3/6/2019 1:13 PM

Re: Family planning key to prevent abandoned babies


Some people think that I relish talking and criticising the white monopoly capital (WMC) and its modus operandi whereas in actual fact it is the opposite. It is quite distressing to critique the WMC and the consequences that come with such critique are not harmful but also career limiting despite having the necessary expertise and qualifications. The stress has taken its toll on me but I do not have a choice as I am forced by the circumstances. The only thing now that has come to dominate my faculties as a result of my situation is the economic struggle for the emancipation of the people of South Africa. While I respect the negotiations that preceded the democratic dispensation, the edifices of apartheid and legislation that perpetuate the hegemony of the WMC must fall, so that some of us can survive.

Last year I made a clarion call that we should make efforts to better understand the monster called WMC. We should be able to define and describe the WMC and be able to demonstrate its existence. This year should be the year in which we are able to offer a proper definition and description of the WMC. The time is ripe that we are able to do so in order to survive.

A preliminary observation is that the WMC has a bureaucracy with a staff contingent, an exco and a president, included therein is intelligence structures. It would be quite damning if they also have a killing squad.  

The institutions supporting democracy and those of higher learning that you hold in high regard, we at UICD regard them as institutions of the white monopoly capital. It is no longer about integrity but about where your loyalty lies. Because of the pervasive baleful influence of the WMC, the current view is that the institutions of democracy, state and economy are run by mortals who lack integrity.

This is not the kind of democracy that we fought for. Although we will never win against the WMC it is better to die trying. As Steve Biko said it so eloquently, "it is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die."

"For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing", if I were to quote the chairperson of the Nugent Commission. Let us rather do something than fold our arms even if we know we not gonna win, at least we will be at peace with our conscience, and history will not judge us harshly. 

 on 3/6/2019 1:39 PM
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