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February 12
​Great strides made in refuse collection backlog
LET me take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to all residents who have been affected by the disruption of refuse collection. The welfare and health of all residents is a priority and we endeavour to meet this need constantly. It is important for me to inform the public that we are currently in discussions with the main contractor responsible for refuse removal in areas that have been affected.

We hope to resolve issues that have impeded this service. We have mobilised internal resources to collect refuse in all affected areas. We are extremely happy with the progress made to date and we thank residents for bearing with us during this process. We are however, disappointed with the intimidation of our employees who were collecting refuse in uMlazi. The lives of employees working at Sizakala Centres in the same area were also threatened resulting in these facilities being closed. This left the City with no choice but to deploy the Metro Police to escort refuse removal trucks as no amount of intimidation will be a deterrent in our endeavour to serve our people.

I am very concerned about the bad habit of destroying Municipal property during protests. A water tanker worth over R1 million was petrol bombed recently with the driver narrowly escaping. As if that was not enough, a Durban Transport bus was also set a light in Sydenham allegedly by members of the community who were demanding to be employed at King Dinuzulu Hospital.

This type of behaviour must come to an end as it impacts severely on service delivery and is tantamount to treason. We are working hard to attract much needed investment to our City and it is very disheartening to have our communities working against us. Following this undesirable situation, we have resolved that there has to be a paradigm shift with our law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order.

The stance that we have taken has resulted to close to 60 people being arrested recently for public violence and damage to property. We are sending a clear message to all would-be violent protesters that dire consequences are awaiting them in the event of any irresponsible behaviour. I need to stress that we are not infringing the inalienable constitutional right of the public to protest when they are unhappy. We are simply advocating for peaceful protests devoid of damage to property. It is our responsibility as government to guard against lawlessness and protect law abiding citizens.

Furthermore, we urge leaders of different political formations to refrain from inciting desperate people to embark on land grabs. It is unlawful and it damages the image of our City.


Re: ​Great strides made in refuse collection backlog

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Re: ​Great strides made in refuse collection backlog

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 ​Great strides made in refuse collection backlog

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Re: ​Great strides made in refuse collection backlog

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