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November 29
Speak out against women and children abuse

EVERY year from the 25th of November which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to the 10th of December that marks the International Human Rights Day, is a period dubbed 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, an awareness solely aimed at curbing this inhumane behaviour in society.

The big question is, for how long are women going to be treated as second class citizens in their communities? As we celebrate 100 years of Mama Albertina Sisulu, I am certain she is turning in her grave to see the ordeal women she fought so hard for are going through. I have lost count of the number of reported incidents in the City and country that have elements of violence against women and children.

It makes my blood to run cold to imagine a well-built man beating a woman until she is unconscious? How a grown up man even think of forcefully sleeping with a five year old child leaving her in a pool of blood? The unfortunate part is that some of us in the society happen to be fully aware of these incidents and decide to keep quiet. Let us ask ourselves what kind of a society are we trying to build and what are we going to leave behind for future generations?

I would like to send my condolences to family, friends and children of a woman that was recently killed violently allegedly by a man we are told she was in the process of divorcing. This happened in the belly of the Durban Magistrates Court and the perpetrator is alleged to have been the officer of the law that all of us should feel safe when they are around. This is a clear demonstration that we are living in an abnormal society and there is something seriously wrong with it.

As women we need to lobby our lawmakers to help us ensure that our laws are unmerciful to perpetrators to an extent that they fear to commit similar crimes in future. We also need to talk about the issue of bail as there are incidences where suspects are released and go back to the society to continue where they left off. We know of women who are no more after being killed by suspects on bail. What also breaks my heart the most is the fact that there are scores of women that have been infected with HIV because they fear to say no. Some of these women were faithful but paid the price of living in abusive relationships.

As we commemorate World Aids Day let us remember all of them and pray unceasingly for those who are living with the virus. We thank our government for it has made treatment available to millions who are now living a normal life. Let us support them. I would like to appeal to all of us to be die hard agents of no violence against the vulnerable in our society.

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