SDB ABM Strategic Vision
The overall vision of the SDB ABM is to improve the quality of life of its customers both residents and businesses. This is done through building relationships between different stakeholders by improving socio-economic, environmental and service delivery issues within the area.
 SDB ABM Mission Statement
The SDB ABM acts as a catalyst for change in bridging the gap between the eThekwini Municipality and its customers (Businesses and Residents) through facilitation and coordination, thereby improving the quality of life within the Area.


Strategic role of the SDB ABM
The strategic role of the SDB ABM is to:

• Co-ordinate, facilitate, lobby for and implement strategic development initiatives in the SDB
• “Make things happen” effectively and efficiently
• Ensure and increase community participation
• Innovate and try different strategies to achieve the objectives of the City.

Practical role of the SDB ABM

The practical role of the SDB ABM is to:

• Develop and implement socio-economic programmes based on community needs.
• Address business needs in partnership with relevant Municipal departments e.g. (service delivery, infrastructure), thereby retaining current businesses and attracting new investment.
• Build, maintain relationships and promote active participation in City Programmes and projects
• Assist communities and businesses in fast-tracking service delivery issues
• Devise and implement environmental prevention and awareness programmes.