In order to fulfil its mandate the SDB ABM operates as a Department within the Regional Centres Unit and consists of 2 operational Divisions namely:
1. The Development Division and
2. The Municipal Services Division
1. The Development Division
The Development division’s role is to address the Social Development and Local Economic Development needs of the SDB through innovative and responsive development programmes.  This division comprises of Social Development and Local Economic Development sections.
Social Development Section
The social development programme addresses the needs of communities in partnership with residents, local Non Profit Organisations, Provincial and National Government departments through its structured Social Development Network. 
Local Economic Development Section
The Local Economic Development programme implement programmes based on community needs and that contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the local economy, with a focus on SMME’S, Tourism, Co-operative development, and skills development programmes.
2. The Municipal Services Division
The Municipal Services division provides a platform for Service Delivery Co-ordination and enhanced stakeholder management.  The Municipal Services Division promotes service delivery through coordination, monitoring and facilitation and increase community participation in the delivery of Municipal services in the area.  This division consists of Operations and Enforcement as well as Stakeholder Facilitation sections.
Operations and Enforcement
Through this section, the SDB ABM department facilitates enforcement of the Municipality By- laws with responsible line departments by managing Service Delivery Forums (SDFs) that coordinate improved service delivery and enforcement operations.  This section facilitates partnerships between Service Units and SDB customers in the delivery of efficient and responsive services.
Stakeholder Facilitation Section
The Stakeholder Facilitation section aims to support the SDB ABM and Service Units with communication and participation processes for projects and events by issuing relevant messages that manage situations appropriately.

It maintains a close relationship with communities, NGO’S and businesses in order to achieve efficient relationships with all our stakeholders.  The Stakeholder Facilitation’s main aim is to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of development projects and maintain stakeholder consultation in all our programs, within the SDB’s area of jurisdiction.