eThekwini municipality spends over R3.5bn a year procuring goods, works and services from the private sector, mostly covered by formal contractual arrangements for which invitations to tender are publicly advertised.

Tender adverts

All public tender adverts are published on this site and updated weekly. The same information is available in our Metro Ezasegagasini Newspaper which is published and distributed fortnightly.
  • Tender awards and notices

    All public tender awards are published on this page and updated monthly.
    Only contracts that have passed the appeal process will be published.
  • Award appeal process

    For all public tenders a tenderer can appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of the letter of the proposed award issued using registered mail.  All contract documents outline this appeal process in detail, including the contact person and address.

Awarding of contracts

  • Contracts under R200 000

    Contracts under R200 000 are advertised on notice boards at various municipal buildings. In the coming months, they will be advertised on the web site. 
  • Contracts over R200 000

    Contracts over R200 000 are advertised publicly on this website under the section Tender Adverts and in the municipal gazette, Metro Ezasegagasini, which is included fortnightly on a Friday in the Independent daily newspapers.

    Copies of the gazette are available at the entrances to various municipal offices such as the City Hall (West Street entrance), Rennies House (41 Victoria Embankment), Shell House (221 Smith Street) and Sizakhala Centres - phone 0800 331 011, toll-free. 

Further advice is available by contacting:

The Supply Chain Management Unit's Customer and Supplier Relations branch:

1st Floor
Materials Management Building
166 Old Fort Road

Phone:  +27 31 311 7153
Fax:  +27 31 311 7330