The purpose of the corporate accounting department is to provide effective financial management and asset consulting and support to council management. Corporate accounting comprises of the following 4 departments:

  • Budget office
  • Financial statements
  • Capital
  • Accounts payable
Deputy head
Chris Nagooroo
Tel: 031 311 1133

Budget office

Established in terms of s 80 (1) of the municipal finance management act, the budget office is responsible for the overall planning, direction, management and co-ordination for the implementation of ethekwini’s budget.

Main focus areas

  • Strategic planning and budget process guidelines.
  • Preparation of the draft estimate and tariff reports.
  • Management of the consolidation and presentation of the budgets for the council and its entities.
  • Assist in the alignment of the integrated development plan.
  • Budget monitoring and control. Preparation of in year comparative reports, dashboard financial indicators and financial information for the municipal manager, mayor, provincial and national treasury.
  • Providing strategic advice and support to line departments.
  • Implementation of budget reforms in terms of national treasury guidelines.
  • Implementation and management of tariff policies that govern tariffs and co-ordinating the determination of tariffs.
  • Preparation of a long term and medium term expenditure framework in terms of the city’s vision, idp and LTDF.
  • Development and maintenance of a financial model.
  • Completion of various statistical returns.
  • Compliance with budget and financial issues in terms of the municipal finance management act.
Kay Naidoo
Tel: 031 311 1500

​The purpose of the capital department is to manage, co-ordinate and control the activities of the capital branch to ensure that council as a whole meets its legislative and other statutory obligations in preparing and maintaining the capital budget and the fixed assets register.

Main focus areas
  • Compilation of the capital budget programme, determination of strategic splits and linking of capital budget to the IDP.
  • Consolidation and presentation of the capital budget for the council.
  • Capital project monitoring and control. Preparation of the monthly capital comparative financial information for the municipal manager and mayor.
  • Providing strategic advice, support and training to line departments I.R.O all capital aspects.
  • Ensure compliance with the national treasury budget reforms.
  • Control and co-ordination of allocation of capital savings.
  • Reconciliation of the various types of funding and allocation of council funding.
  • Calculation of depreciation charges for the municipalities assets.
  • Maintenance and control of the fixed assets register.
  • Ensuring compliance of the asset register to the annual financial statements.
King Singh
Tel: 031 311 1517

Accounts payable
​The core functions of the department are to ensure the efficient payment of creditors taking cognisence of the payment terms, reconciliation of creditors’ statements and the administration of the supplier master database.
Methods of payment
The main methods of payment is via electronic funds transfers (EFTS) or cheques, no disbursement of cash takes place.

Where can I collect my cheque?
Cheques can be collected from : 
9th floor
Shell House Street
221 Anton Lembede

Why EFT’s?
Eft’s are the preferred method of payment as it is considered more secure, eliminating cheque fraud. Eft’s will also avoid delays and problems associated with the postal system and in certain instances the inconvenience of collecting cheques, thus ensuring timeous payments.
How do I register for EFT?
To register for eft, the eft application form needs to be completed (EFT Registration form download)  and submitted together with the following documentation:
  • Banking details on an authorised company letterhead.
  • Should the bank account be held by an individual, a certified copy of their identity document would be required.
  • Cancelled cheque, bank statement or letter from the banking confirming the details on the application form.
  • Valid vat certificate
Applications can be dropped off personally or posted to:
Accounts payable
EFT Registration
Po box 828

Please note that only the original of the registration form will be accepted, no faxed or photocopies of the applications will be permitted.

​​Who should I contact should i have a query?
  • General outstanding accounts
    TW Hunt
    Tel: 031 311 3357
  • Creditors address book and eft registration
    K Naicker
    Tel: 031 311 3387
  • Cheque and eft payments
    Y Ismail
    Tel: 031 311 3416
  • Cheque collections / changes
    E Lees (Mrs)
    Tel: 031 311 3392